For the time being

We are here only temporarily. The earth turns more slowly, but our world is turning faster and faster. Time is like a hunted animal.
Just a moment ago we were rushing to get here and in a minute we will hurry on further. But right now, in this void, we find ourselves in a tiny space where time is of no consequence. So grab this precious time-experience and unfold it. We can bundle our forces and step together into the loophole where you can be who you are without any obligation. For as long as it takes.

Schweigman & makes speechless, visual and musical theatre in which expectations and theatre codes are toyed with. It provides for poetic performances that invite to newly experience the obvious things.

direction: Boukje Schweigman, music: Fedor Teunissen and Frank Wienk, by and with: Sieger Baljon, Toon Kuijpers, Anemone Oostvriesland and students of the Mime Opleiding Amsterdam, photo: Sofie Knijff,,

Location: De Paardenkathedraal, Veeartsenijstraat 155, 3572 DD Utrecht


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